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Honouring Her Roots

Meet Melissa Labrador, a Mi’kmaw artist and knowledge keeper from Gokqwes (Wildcat 12) in what is presently known as Nova Scotia.

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A Family Legacy

Nova Scotia landowner Tom Miller is admired for his dedication to ecological forestry, and his son is now following in his footsteps.

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Putting Down Roots

Jacob Demers and Estelle Dupuis recently purchased more than 80-acres of forest together near Shediac, New Brunswick.

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Centering Community

Meet Mary Jane Rodger, an Registered Professional Forester and the Executive Director of the Medway Community Forest Cooperative in western Nova Scotia.

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Against the Grain

After a decade overseeing industrial tree planting operations in British Columbia, Shawn McGrath is re-imagining the forestry practices that cause such destruction, and is restoring the naturally diverse Acadian forest one woodlot at a time.

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