This website is the home of the Maritime Forest Accord, an initiative aimed at restoring the health of the Wabanaki forest by supporting the people who care for it.

Helping Maritime forests Flourish

The idea behind this project emerged during a week-long event that brought together participants from diverse backgrounds and organizations to explore how we could help the forest flourish for future generations. Conversations gravitated toward the challenges encountered by small private landowners when attempting to manage their forests according to their values.

In response, we created the Maritime Forest Accord to connect people to relevant resources and to uplift the vibrant community of people committed to good forest stewardship in this region. In this first phase of the project, we are collecting commitments and values from participants to generate a shared vision for the forest that you will be able to sign onto and share.

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Project Partners

Since this project was first conceived, it has grown to include a diverse a group of committed organizations working with forest landowners to protect and restore the Wabanaki Forest.


We are grateful for the generous support and expertise of the following organizations:


You may know the forest in this region as the Acadian forest, but its original name is the Wabanaki forest. This unique forest type spans the Maritime Provinces, the Gaspé Peninsula, and parts of New England.

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